RealPlayer SP Download

It’s the new RealPlayer SP. And it’s perfect for playing and sharing video with your friends and followers onFacebook and Twitter. You’ll also be happy to know it works easily with your favorite flavors of Blackberry, iPod, iPhone and game systems. You can Download RealPlayer ** FREE ** here.

Key Features

Video Downloading:
· See it now or see it later. Download video in its original quality with a single click, or record live streams from the Web. And you can download virtually all video formats, making it easy to watch content offline, build personal video playlists or burn a CD for later viewing.

LivePause & Perfect Play:
· Control your streams. Pause, rewind and fast-forward through live audio or video clips while they play. Create your own sports instant replay!

Universal Player:
· From .AIFF to .X-STREAM, RealPlayer has never met a file type it didn’t like. Now, the same Player that handles your streaming media and downloaded QuickTime, Windows Media or MPEG audio/video files can also play your DVDs, VCDs and store-bought or home-made CD-ROMS. Finally, digital media has become more manageable.

High Quality Video:
· New RealVideo 10 delivers superior video quality over any type of Internet connection — from narrowband to broadband. View and download DVD quality video starting at 500kbps.

· No more waiting for clips to Load! New TurboPlay improves streaming so your clips load FASTER, start quicker and play smoother over all types of connections – from dialup to high-speed broadband.

RealAudio Lossless Format:
· Our new format allows you to burn professional-quality CDs using only half the disk space of the standard CD audio format (WAV)

Multiple Audio Formats:
· RealPlayer supports all the latest formats, including audio CD, MP3, MPEG, Sony Memory Stick and many more. you can Download RealPlayer ** FREE **.

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Real Player Downloader–Web Videos Whenever You Want

Want to download awesome video from YouTube or other video sites? Don’t have a powerful and handy download tool? Well, all you have to get is a RealPlayer. As known, RealPlayer is not only a wonderful media player to play video & audio but also is a powerful downloader— real player downloader. Yes, you can download video very easily form YouTube and sites like that. Whether building a collection of your favorite videos, looking to entertain the kids on a road trip, commuting to work, or waiting for a flight, RealPlayer’s video downloader lets you watch your favorite online videos when you’re offline. Simply click the “Download This Video” button that appears above each video and it will automatically copy it to your Real Media Library. Watch your favorite videos whenever you want or burn them to a DVD and watch them on a big screen. You need to get a RealPlayer for free by clicking here:Download RealPlayer ** FREE **

How to download web videos to your computer:

1. Find your favorite videos on video site

2. Hover your mouse over the video so that the “Download This Video” button appears about the right corner of the video

3. Click on the “Download This Video” button and RealPlayer will begin downloading the video to your computer

Download RealPlayer ** FREE **


Download RealPlayer ** FREE **

Real Player Downloader

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